Super PPAR  Alpha Modifier

  • Supports Gains in Endurance Activities
  • Supports Improved Metabolic Function
  • Enhances Fat Loss

60 Capsules


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MYO-SR works by supporting improved metabolic function and by enabling greater performance during endurance activity. With a unique mechanism of action not previously seen, MYO-SR has been suggested to be “exercise in a bottle” SR9009 is best understood as a supplement which mediates optimal metabolic function being described often as an exercise mimetic, or something which can provide similar effects as can be expected from exercise.

It works by increasing mitochondrial function in muscle cells which in turn supports increased metabolic function as well as enhanced fuel utilization in the body. With the potential to positively affect both endurance/cardio performance as well as supporting your weight loss goals.

MYO-SR opens up a new frontier in ergogenic supplementation.


Hardcore Series

Elite athletes and bodybuilders opt for HardcoreSeries merchandise as a result of hardcore is in their mentality and ours. From our dedicated team to our line of physique and performance enhancing products.


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