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Savage Line Labs LIVER-PRO the strongest formula on the market supporting the work of the liver.

Liver Pro is a combination of two of the most proven ingredients for detoxification and liver function with a proprietary blend: TUDCA, NAC and the Savage Proprietary blend. Tudca perfectly supports the flow of bile in the liver and has been used by athletes for many years. NAC is a free form of the amino acid that detoxifies and increases the level of glutathione in the body. The use of the supplement during the cycles supports the body in order to maintain the proper hormonal balance. The preparation allows for the proper level of liver enzymes in the body, regulates the activity of testosterone and prolactin.

Liver Pro is the perfect support for professionals to build lean muscle and maximize their gains in the gym.

Liver Pro ingredients:

NAC – is a modified form of cysteine ​​that has been attached to the acetyl group. NAC has the effect of increasing the level of antioxidant-glutathione, which in turn reduces damage at the cellular level, accelerates the regeneration processes after trauma and promotes the building of lean muscle mass. The reduction of damage at the cellular level is closely correlated with the delay in the aging processes. NAC binds and excretes toxic metabolites formed during the passage of steroids through the liver.

TUDCA – this ingredient is a powerful and effective preparation against these liver diseases and significant alcohol-induced liver damage. This supplement supports the proper level of liver enzymes. Liver enzymes are now one of the main indicators used by doctors to assess the health of the liver. Additionally, tudca supports your gut health by restoring your gut microbiome to normal and providing anti-inflammatory properties.

Savage Proprietary – a blend of plant extracts. The ingredients have a positive effect on the level of the ALT enzyme in the liver. Its excessive amount may indicate liver damage. The presence of polysaccharides in the mixture stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body. It supports the acceleration of cellular metabolism, which extends exercise and improves energy efficiency, and supports the synthesis of proteins in the liver. The mixture strengthens the body’s vitality, inhibits inflammation and has a positive effect on the immune system.

Dosage of Savage Line Labs LIVER-PRO:

1 capsule a day.



SAVAGELINE LABS is the use of progressive resistance product to control and develop one's muscles by muscle hypertrophy for aesthetic purposes. It is distinct from similar activities such as powerlifting because it focuses on physical appearance instead of strength.


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