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Venom® – Extreme Potency Pre-Workout What does it mean to be great? For some, it’s the number of trophies on the shelf from competing. For others. it’s the ability to dig deep to do what it truly takes to add slabs of lean muscle and drop body fat, smash lifting PRs and dominate every workout, day in and day out. Greatness is in all of us, and it courses through our veins. Sometimes, we simply need to flip that switch and tap into our true potential. That is why we created Venom®.


Venom® also addresses two critical components: training endurance and blood flow. Not only are you getting a clinical dosage of beta-alanine for helping to maximize your training endurance, but we also include the research-proven ingredient Nitrosigine®.


Nitrosigine® work to maximize blood flow and vasodilation and maximize endogenous nitric oxide production, meaning that not only will you get better muscle pumps, but you’ll also increase nutrient delivery to your hard-working muscles and maximize your results.


Venom® is loaded with the most advanced and research-supported ingredients to give you more energy, mental focus and maximize your workout potential like you’ve never experienced before.


When it’s time to push the limits of what you are truly capable of, flip the switch with Dragon Pharma Venom®.

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